Monday, May 23, 2005

The Deal

Opinions are all over the map on dKos as to whether The Deal is a winner for the Dems.

My opinion: you can't tell how good the cake is right after you take it out of the oven. You have to let it cool before you can taste it.

The Deal is to fresh for us to know if it is a winner or loser. The real winners will be those who can spin it to there advantage in the future. It could days, if not weeks, before we can really judge it.

Until then, I'm content to sniff.


think I should be a little more forceful here. While it remains to be seen whether this deal is a winner for the Dems, those who are screaming "SELLOUT!" on the Dem side are not doing us any favors. As I said above, the real winners will be those who can spin this to be a victory for their side. Democrats won't be able to do this if the loudest chorus consists of people screaming that the deal stinks and it proves that Dems are wimps. Talk about re-enforcing negative stereotypes!

So please, those of you who are convinced this is a bad deal, take a deep breath, walk away from your computer, come back in a few hours/days, and then let us know what you think after absorbing it a while longer. If it is a stinker we will know soon enough. No need to make it so by way of your criticism.


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