Saturday, May 07, 2005

Can I get an Amen?

Isn't it just like Democrats to respond to an outrage like the excommunication of party members from a North Carolina church by talking about taxes?

The head of the North Carolina Democratic Party sharply criticized the pastor Friday, saying Chandler jeopardized his church's tax-free status by openly supporting a candidate for president.

''If these reports are true, this minister is not only acting extremely inappropriately by injecting partisan politics into a house of worship, but he is also potentially breaking the law,'' Chairman Jerry Meek said.

eriposte has it exactly right:

[...] You have to also fight back on religion with religion. You have to fight religious extremists by pointing out that they are charlatans who are distorting their religion. You have to point out that they are deeply un-Christian. [...]


In a nutshell, the word immoral is tremendously underused by Democrats. It's time to change that because you can't win on "moral values" if you are unprepared to say what is moral and what is not.

When Bill Frist announced that he was going to speak to the "Justice Sunday" crowd, Harry Reid rightly expressed outrage at his actions. But Reid didn't talk about separation of church and state. He talked about how Frist's action insulted Reid as a Christian! Even Christians who don't agree with Reid politically can sympathize with him on religious grounds. Frist's actions were an insult to all Christians who don't follow the doctrinaire line that the Dobson crowd is pushing (i.e., the large majority of all Christians). But if Reid had attack him purely on the grounds of mixing church and state he would have quickly lost that battle. By making accepting that the fight was about religion and fighting back on those grounds he put Frist in the uncomfortable position of siding with the inquisitorial branch of the church.

Democrats: Republicans do not own religion. Don't let them claim they do.

God is not partisan.

Fight fire with fire!


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