Friday, April 29, 2005

Bush's SS Plan: Divide and Conquer

Step 1: Create two classes of recipients. The first being the poor whose benefits won't change much. The second being everyone else whose benefits will be drastically cut. End result: Social Security becomes Social Welfare.

Step 2: Use class warfare to turn those whose benefits are cut against those whose benefits remain the same (Bush's version of welfare queens).

Step 3: Eliminate the program entirely because it violates the "American ideal of everyone getting the same deal".

A few months back Bush tried this same approach, except that then he tried to pit the young vs. the old by endorsing the idea of maintaining benefits for older citizens. This backfired tremendously as grandparents rebelled against the idea of slashing benefits for the grandchildren.

Well, if generational warfare won't work, there's always the old "eat the poor" route.


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