Friday, May 13, 2005

Owning Morality

I had an interesting conversation about the topic of morality the other night. One of the people I was talking with said that the Democrats were the real Moral Party. I agreed with him. But I said that while the Democrats are the real Moral Party, they have a hard time publicly proclaiming any ownership of morality. It's almost as if Democrats have been trained that such claims are antithetical to our beliefs and therefore are bad. No one "owns" morality, Democrats think, so for us to make any such claim would be wrong. But this is a misconception. The problem is not claiming ownership. The problem is claiming exclusive ownership.

It is the ceding of the battlefield that has allowed Republicans to paint themselves as being the only Moral Party. Yet their claim to being the Moral Party is based entirely on their ability to talk about Morality. It's not that they ever actually do anything about Morality. But they sure talk a good game.

(Frameshop has more on this)


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