Thursday, May 12, 2005

Master of the Senate

Sensei Reid:

"Do you want to confirm judges or do you want to pick a fight?" Reid challenged Republicans.

My admiration for Reid's tactical skills continues to grow. Note how Reid issues this challenge. He knows very well that "picking a fight" is precisely what the Republicans want to do. But he doesn't outright accuse them of that. Instead he veils the accusation in a rhetorical question. By doing so he plants the seed in the mind of the audience that "picking a fight" is precisely what the Republicans are doing but he doesn't give the Republicans a "your just being negative" response that they could use against a direct accusation.

I'm beginning to think that Reid may yet rival LBJ when it comes to being a "Master of the Senate". Of course, it remains to be seen if Reid is as good tactically when he leads the majority. But I'm ready to give him the opportunity.


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