Friday, May 13, 2005

Reckless Driving

There is a special conflict felt by any politician who loves their country at a time when they belong to a party that is not in control of that country. The conflict is this: how do you attack the leadership of the opposition party sufficiently enough to weaken them for electoral defeat without also weakening the country you love in the process.

The problem is that, as much as you might believe your party would be better suited to drive, until the next election rolls around, the other party is the one that has their hands on the wheel. Do you attack them for their driving so much that they can't keep their eyes on the road just as that 18 wheeler is coming down the opposing lane?

Partisanship, the kind that everyone hates, is when politicians attack regardless of the impact those attacks may have on their country. It is the back seat driver who keeps banging the cabby over the head with their purse. That kind of blind assault, while it may feel good to those who have no real power, doesn't do anyone any good.

But isn't there an equal danger to sitting quietly back as you see your driver heading the wrong way down a one way street? Partisanship is not always bad, especially when your driver is drunk.

The solution to the quandry of the patriotic opposition is this: fight back is good when not fighting back creates an even more dangerous situation.

Democrats have tried for years to work with Republicans as they have steered the nation into the future. As much as they might have disagreed with their political philosophy, they were patriots and didn't want their differences of opinion do any further damage to their country.

But the Republicans are driving the wrong way down a one way street. They have driven through several traffic lights. They have raced a train through a crossing signal. They have played slolom with a bunch of school kids. And they are racing down the highway at 90mph with the top thrown back and a cold one propped between their legs.

Taking the wheel away from these yahoos is the only patriotic option left.


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