Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Time for Kerry to call Bush out

I think I understand the logic of having John Edwards be the point man for criticizing Dick Cheney for his reprehensible comments about how a vote for Kerry would make America more vulnerable to terrorism. Cheney is the Vice President. Edwards is the Vice Presidential candidate. Thus he is responding to the public comments of his counter-part.

But now Edwards is calling on Bush to denounce Cheney's comment.

Bush should do so (but won't, of course). But if the Kerry/Edwards campaign is going to ratchet this up to the presidential level then it should be Kerry who calls out Bush. Yet, so far as I have heard, Kerry hasn't made any public comment on the matter (correct me if I am wrong).

Time to step up to the plate Mr. Kerry.


As and ye shall receive:

Democrat John F. Kerry yesterday denounced as "outrageous and shameful" Vice President Cheney's statement that Americans risk another terrorist attack if President Bush is not reelected, as congressional Democrats assailed the credibility of a leading administration voice on national security.

Kerry, interviewed in Minnesota by a local television station, said Cheney's statement made it clear that the president and the vice president "will say anything and do anything in order to get elected."

"It is outrageous and shameful to make the war on terror an instrument of their politics," Kerry said. "I defended this country when I was a young man, and they chose not to. And I will defend this country as president of the United States."


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