Sunday, September 05, 2004

Advice for the weary

There's a series of diaries over on the DailyKOS that offer a lot of helpful advice. I recommend them all:

  • Devilstower talks about marketing Kerry
  • ultrageek relates a conversation with a Republican that demonstrates how to argue the positives of the Democratic agenda.
  • watou provides tips on how to get journalists to act like journalists and not just stenographers.
  • radish tells us to avoid getting into the persuasion trap and instead get Bush supporters and Kerry opponents (not always the same thing) to explain their points of view to us.

I found the last post to be especially enlightening. It makes the point that sometime the easiest way to persuade someone to your side is to try and get them to persuade you to their side. Let them be the one who has to make the sale.

Good reading all around.


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