Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Was the rest of Bush's TANG service bogus?

Bush partisans like to respond to the AWOL accusation by citing the fact that he got "glowing" reviews in his first few years of service. Aside from the fact that this avoids the question of what happened in the last two years of his service, tonight's 60 minutes piece on Bush's TANG service brings up an interesting question: if at least one of his commanding officers was pressured to give Junior positive reviews and refused, is it possible that some of his other commanding officers received similar pressure but didn't refuse?

Could those "glowing" reviews that Bush defenders like to cite be as bogus as the rest of his service?


I just watched the 60 Minutes segment and it appears that the commanding officer who wrote about getting pressure to write positive reviews of Bush in 72-73 was the same commanding officer who wrote the earlier glowing reviews.

Does that mean those reviews were made under pressure as well? Hard to say.


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