Thursday, October 09, 2003

More on Clark (sorry, it's one of those kind of days)

Kos says that Clark is skipping Iowa and New Hampshire and will be focusing on the Feb.2 primaries (SC, OK and AZ). Is this true?

If so, I think it is really stupid.

Clark has got a good buzz going and if he were to run an intense three month ground campaign in those states I think he could seriously threaten Dean. If he were to beat Dean in either state than it would seriously cripple Dean out of the gate. Clark could then use that momentum to move to the national level because the calendar after the kickoff is heavily weighted in the South (Clark's supposed stronghold). But he won't get anywhere in those states if he doesn't put in the foot time (Iowans and New Hampsherites take a certain pride in the kind of hoops they get their suitors to jump through.)

In order for this strategy to work Clark will have to have a strong national campaign running by the time the Iowa and New Hampshire races are completed. He has the potential to do so, but he doesn't have the luxury of a lot of time to do it (Dean's been building his national team for over a year).

I'm seriously concerned that Clark might be a great candidate who is getting a lot of really bad advice.


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