Thursday, October 09, 2003

Doing the smart thing

Now this is a little more sensible:

Clark Will Return Payments From Speeches

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark's campaign said Wednesday night that he will return payments he has received for speeches since declaring his candidacy and will no longer speak for money.

Clark spokesman Mark Fabiani issued a statement that said Clark's advisers reviewed federal guidelines and determined that his paid speeches were appropriate. "Nevertheless, to avoid any distraction from the real issues that matter to Americans, General Clark has decided to return the payments from these speeches," the statement said.

This is a pretty typical "I done fucked up but I won't admit it" type comment. Oh well. At least they were smart enough to recognize that it would have been foolish to hold on to the money. I just wish they had been smart enough to realize how questionable it was from the beginning.


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