Wednesday, October 08, 2003

No piling on

I composed a post about the Open Letter posted over on by a Clark supporter who apparently is concerned that the campaign is about to implode. But I decided to delete it because it came awfully close to violating the letter and spirit of The Pledge.

Instead, I would like to urge people on all sides of this to take a deep breath and not over-react to any news you hear or to anything that anyone says. I have my problems with the Clark campaign, but I have no desire to use this recent blowup as an excuse to push my own guy at Clark's expense. We must remember that, as explosive as the language is in the Open Letter, it is still just the opinion of one individual. The same is true of the comments others have made in response to that letter and to a post Kos has made about it. Indeed, all we have is our own opinion. What is the truth will probably never be known.

As I said previously, this kind of crap is bad for the Clark campaign regardless of how "real" it is. Accusations and counter-accusations fly, bad feelings are created and political opponents sit back and laugh with glee (and yes, unfortunately, some of those laughing are fellow Democrats). Let's just hope that Clark can step in and stop it before it really gets out of control.

By the way, I'm thinking of attending my first Clark meetup next week. Being a veteran of Dean meetups (and a host for several months), I'm curious to see how those meetings will be run. I'll try and report back my impressions.


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