Thursday, October 09, 2003

Please Mr. Republican, tell us who we should run!

Ezra Klein comments on the latest attempt by right-wingers ("A Not-So-Unstoppable Frontrunner") to select their opponent:

So to summarize, Democrats shouldn't be to gung-ho on Dean, because he isn't really as great as we think he is. And Clark, well, we should stay the hell away from that loser, plus, we don't need him because Dean is really quite electable. In fact, we should stick to the known candidates, Kerry, Gephardt, and Lieberman (notice Edwards isn't mentioned), the ones who've been dusted by Clark and Dean.

Now, if right wing pundits are begging for a return to the candidates we passed up and telling us that, for our own good, we should abandon those candidates with momentum and hype, what does that say about the state of the Right? About who they're afraid of? And how powerful of an argument is that to nominate the Doctor, the General, or some combination thereof?

It's all so confusing!


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