Thursday, October 09, 2003


I offer the following story as a form of encouragement.

Howard Dean supporter demonstrates on Oxford Square

Ben Beitzel
DM City News Editor
October 09, 2003

As shouts of support and hate rain down, a woman, who has been called everything from a communist to a socialist to a terrorist to a patriot, stands and waves with signs reading "Fire Bush" and "Dean for President."

Kelly Jacobs, from Hernando, has been traveling around the Mid-South for eight weeks standing in one spot for a week protesting Bush and supporting Dean.

"The first day is usually the quietest because people are just shocked to see me standing here," Jacobs said.

"By the last day, people have figured out they can honk and wave, and people are usually the ugliest on the last day."

Jacobs, during her protests, has had cars try to run her over, people throw her rude gestures and had attempts at stealing her signs.

She also had the police called on her and who then forced her to pay money for permits that were never issued.

"I want to successfully work to reach out to undecided voters who are unhappy with 'King George," Jacobs said.



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