Sunday, March 09, 2003

Mark Kleiman, in the comments to this post, said:
I'm holding out too. If the choice is having a war with Iraq before it has deployed nuclear and biological weapons or having a war with Iraq after it has deployed nuclear and biological weapons, that seems like an easy choice to me, even with Bush and his crew running it. Details here.
I think that is a false set of choices Mark. The Bushies would like us to believe that they are the only two possibilities open to us. I don't buy it and their increasing shrillness and reliance on lies to make their point makes me even more skeptical of the suggested choices. Something needs to be done about Saddam? Yes. Is Bush the man to do it? No. Is there still time if we don't go now? Yes. Will things get worse if we do go now? Yes. The choice is pretty clear to me.


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