Saturday, March 08, 2003

The list of "liberal hawks" throwing in the towel grows: first Josh, then Kevin, then Sean-Paul. Mathew appears to be the last big fish still sitting on the fence. Some on in the blogosphere are welcoming the conversions. Some are criticizing them for being stupid enough to have sided with Bush in the first place. I can understand all these reactions because I have had them all myself. But I really don't want to beat the liberal hawks over the head for it because, after all, I have said that I am one myself. Albeit, I was never once fooled into believing that Bush was an acceptable leader to pull it off. And that, I think, is the important thing to keep in mind here. While many of us have distrusted Bush from the beginning, with good reason, not all were willing to immediately dismiss him just because of some questionable practices. I don't know if this can be blamed on stupidity as much as, well, the liberal desire to give the benefit of the doubt even to those who have broken their word multiple times. Josh, Kevin, and Sean-Paul are not stupid. They were just worried enough about the danger of Hussein to be willing to look beyond their misgivings about Bush. But even Bush, as is usual for him, has pushed even them past the breaking point. Welcome on board guys. Now the only question is: is it to late?


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