Saturday, March 08, 2003

Kevin Drum with more thoughts on throwing in the towel:
I just can't align myself any longer with the folks who think the rest of the world are "midgets" who should be shoved unceremoniously out of the way whenever we feel like it. As my wife put it at lunch today, "We don't seem to be the America we used to be."
Perhaps that is the difference between the liberal hawks and the liberal hawks but-for-Bush: the latter are those who realized a long time ago that the case for taking out Saddam would be damaged irreparably by the mere identity of the person who was making it. The hawks with-no-qualifiers were willing to look past Bush's faults because the goal was worth it. However, the last few weeks and months have built up such an increasing pile of offal that even they can't ignore the smell anymore. Bush made a lot of noise during he campaign about having a "humble" foreign policy. Like pretty much everything else he has said in his public life, it was a lie.
Would you buy a war from this man?


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