Thursday, October 23, 2008

More suspicions

The following is a comment on a right-wing blog made by someone who says they are a doctor and a McCain supporter. I post this with the intent of pointing out that not everyone on the right instantly jumps at the suggestion of perfidity on the part of Democrats:
Sorry to say but as a Physician, those lacerations (if you want to call them that)could not come from a knife of any sort, sharp or dull. Also, from the way her cheek is manifesting as red and irritated (synonymous for scratches) makes it an easy prognosis for me:

This is indeed a self-inflicted 'wound' most likely done with either a paper clip or quite possibly a fingernail.

If you would look at the BOTTOM of the letter, there are 2 DISTINCT and SEPARATE marks (what did the mugger do? Go over the same area with a different line?). This is not plausible in any form.

This is a fraudulent attempt at falsifying an attack and is illegal since a police report was filed. Why was she allowed to 'walk away' from the scene or a mugging/attack?

She never offered a description of her attacker other than he was 'supposedly' an Obama supporter. Was he white, black, latino??
This is outrageous and demands further scrutiny. Also suspect are the blackeyes. Although real, the contusions are not reminiscent of a frontal punch as there are no abrasions/contusions above the eye socket (men have big, large knuckles) and the area around the eye socket is sensitive soft tissues. This woman is committing fraud via Munchhausen By Proxy and should be jailed for submitting a false police report/complaint. And the only reason WHY she would refuse to seek medical treatment is that she knows her story would not hold up under a physicians examination.

And no, I am not an Obama supporter, I am voting McCain but these false allegations and rumors must stop. As a Dr, I can not fathom why people go to great lengths to lie about being attacked.

Someone needs to have her examined for 'a possible concussion' from being 'punched in the head', that alone would have allowed the police to forcefully admit her as if she in some way passes out while driving home after the 'attack, the police department would be liable for allowing her to leave with possible 'brain trauma'.

This story is a joke and not funny people.


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