Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've upgraded to the new Firefox (1st release candidate). The main improvement in this release, as I understand it, is a completely reworked memory management system. I've already noticed that this release loads faster and just seems faster.

Unfortunately, a large number of add-ons for Firefox have not been upgraded to this version. Including the one I rely the most on: SwiftTabs. This simple add-on adds the ability to cycle forward and backward through active tabs with a single hot-key. It makes my browsing experience so much better and I wonder why this kind of functionality isn't standard. SwiftTabs has not been upgraded since October of 2006 and the web page for the developer doesn't exist anymore. Not a good sign.

I hope someone takes on the task of re-implementing this functionality in Firefox 3. If the source was available I might consider tackling it myself.

In the process of upgrading I did some browsing through Firefox add-ons and found ScribeFire. This add-on provides a very nice interface for publishing blog posts so I just might get back into blogging. Before I actually did a lot of hand-editing of posts. Very tedious. This is so much better.


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