Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Stupidity Of Some Obama Supporters

Note: I am an Obama supporter.

What the superdelegates are doing by holding off their decisions until most everyone has voted is not stupid. What Dean, Pelosi and Reid are doing by staying neutral in the nomination battle is not stupid. What IS stupid is what some Obama supporters are doing by urging the "party poobahs" to "finish it".

Here is the message you are sending to voters who have not yet voted (including myself) and people who support Clinton: "You are stupid for wanting your vote to count. Just roll over and shut up. We don't care about your opinion. We just want our guy to be declared the winner because EVERYONE (everyone who isn't stupid (like you) that is) knows that he is the winner."

It doesn't matter if you are intending to insult them. It doesn't matter if you think you are insulting them. You ARE insulting them.

Here's a clue for the stupid: Obama is going to need the very people you are insulting if he is going to win in the Fall. Pissing them off is not helping anything.

And remember those polls that talk about 20+% of supporters of each candidate considering voting for McCain if their person doesn't win? We all know that the percentage of Obama supporters who say that are feeling bitter because of the hard crap coming from the Clinton campaign. But what is the reason for this feeling coming from the Clinton supporters? It's right here. Stupid Obama supporters who arrogantly tell "stupid" Clinton supporters to just shut up.

Honestly, nothing has pissed me off this election season more than Obama supporters who act like everyone else's concerns are simply secondary to their own.

I support Obama. I know that Obama is not as stupid as some of his supporters. But I can't blame Clinton supporters for being pissed off right now. I would be too.

(Aside: If you think there is no downside to this stupidity, consider this diary from TocqueDeville. If you continue to insult people who haven't yet voted you just increase the chances that Clinton will win the popular vote. Then where will all your arguments about inevitability go?)


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