Friday, March 14, 2008

Murder in slow motion

TPM Reader MS foresees this line of attack:

Imagine this 30 second ad, run heavily next October. I think it would be devastating among undecided and swing voters.

"What does Barack Obama really believe in? His spritual teacher for 20 years has been Jeremiah Wright. Wright wedded Obama & his wife. Obama named his book from a sermon of Wright's. [insert video of favorable comment about Wright by Obama]. What has Jeremiah Wright taught Obama? [Insert rabid clip of Wright capped by "God Damn America!! God Damn America!!"] We need a solid patriot to lead our nation. Someone we can trust. Vote John McCain 2008."

Can anyone seriously doubt that the GOP already has this commercial in the can? Can anyone seriously suggest that it won't hurt Obama?

Don't laugh this off folks. It will be murder in slow motion.


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