Sunday, March 09, 2008

Is SNL in the tank for Clinton?

I find it odd and telling that quite a few Obama supporters, upon watching the above video clip, see it as SNL giving tacit support to Hillary Clinton. Even nominally non-partisan journalists, such as the local political report Jeff Mapes, seem to think it is sufficiently anti-Obama that they have to give a warning to Obama supporters ahead of time.

Now, the clip does contain a disparaging portrayal of Obama. But a lot of people seem to have missed the point that the sketch is meant to be a Clinton commercial about just how bad Obama would be. In other words, the over-the-top nature of the Obama portrayal is an satirical exaggeration of Clinton's "Experience before Hope" argument.

It is a sketch that knocks both candidates, but Clinton even more so because it shows just how absurd that argument is.

Maybe I benefit from not being an ardent Obama partisan (though I do support him over Clinton). Maybe that is why I can see the obvious direction of the satire while a lot of Obamazins fail to get the joke.

What do others say?


Blogger Chris said...

The reason they think it's negative is because it is. 10 seconds at the begining and end aside, it's 5 minutes of SNL (Again) portraying him as functionally retarded. Look at the way Armisen portrays him in the original two debate segments, it's the same character. It probably goes too far to call it racist, but it is a very unfair characterization, and the conversation very closely follows Hillary's talking points.

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