Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Please, Obama supporters, stop being such asses

Oliver Willis:

My gut tells me Ohio is the last throes of the "Oh My God We're Afraid Of Anything Different" politics in the Democratic party that favors an establishment candidate like Sen. Clinton.

You know, I've tried to bite my tongue about this. I've tried to tell myself that one should not judge a candidate by his/her supporters. But frankly, things like this just piss me off.

Can we at least have a little respect for other people's choices and not immediately dismiss them as being purely the result of fear or (as others have suggested) prejudice? I support Obama, but posts like this tell me exactly why he is having such a difficult time closing the deal. People who haven't been won over will not be won over if they are repeatedly insulted.

Obama supporters need to acknowledge that a significant number of Clinton supporters support her because they really do think she will be a better candidate and a better President. Put simply: a lot of people like her.

Obama himself talks a lot about respecting the opinions of those who differ with you. I'd like it if his supporters would take that message to heart.

(Note: I'm using Oliver Willis' post as an example. I'm not trying to single him out in particular. He's written a lot of great stuff. As have a lot of other Obama supporters who have been idiots on this point. I would prefer not to be so blunt in this posting. But frankly, I think being diplomatic about it would be ignored. I want Obama to win but I am afraid his supporters will destroy his candidacy by being so disrespectful of those who prefer Clinton.)


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