Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I agree

Jeff Fecke:

Hillary Clinton is not stupid. She knows at this point that we've gone too far down the path of this primary for both Obama and Clinton not to have their careers staked on November. If the Democrats lose in the fall, the losing candidate will be the most reviled figure in Democratic politics. But the second-place finisher in this rancorous primary will be a close second. It won't take long for finger-pointing to land on Clinton and/or Obama if the Democrats fail to take advantage of a clearly advantageous cycle. John Edwards or Bill Richardson could maybe come back in 2012 and run again. But Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton? This is it -- there won't be any coming back from a loss in November.

People who think that Hillary Clinton would want the Democrats to lose the White House in the Fall simply aren't thinking rationally and are allowing their (not entirely unfounded) dislike for her get in the way of an honest assessment of why she campaigning the way she is. Put simply, she just thinks she would be a better president and would have a better chance to win in the Fall. A lot of Democrats agree with her. I don't. You're free to disagree with her as well. But, please, leave the conspiracy theories to the nuts.


Blogger The Don said...

Hillary is hot air. She doesn't have the experience that she claims in running the White House. If thats so what was Bill doing all that time? Oh yeah, Doin the mess around with Monica! These Clintons really are stinking up politics thats why even Rush Limbaugh is hoping she wins so that McCain will have and easy win and be president. He can't even spell Candidate.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Chris Andersen said...

I'll be the first to agree that Clinton has mucked things up in this campaign and is frankly grasping at straws if she and her advisers think she has any real chance of winning (though, as an aside, I would note that if she were doing the same things against a Republican opponent a lot of her present critics would be praising her for her tenaciousness). But this idea that she is engaging in a Machiavellian plot to destroy Democratic chances in the Fall is just absurd on its face.

Hillary Clinton has the support of nearly 50% of the Democratic electorate. A lot of Democrats are as worried about Obama's chances of winning in the Fall as are Obama supporters concerned about Hillary's chances. We can disagree with them on this. But the disrespect I see for Clinton supporters really just bugs the shit out of me and is at least as destructive to the party as is anything Clinton has done.

Knock it off!

10:04 AM  
Blogger merlallen said...

Way too many Repubs are switching to Democrats to vote for Obama. I doubt they will all vote for him. I hope I'm wrong. The last thing America needs is McBush in charge.

5:28 AM  

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