Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who Would Choose?

Firedoglake: "2) Can we please retire the notion that sexual orientation is a choice? Why on earth would a Larry Craig (R-Stallabama) or a Ted Haggard choose to be gay? I just don’t think “to piss off the liberals” really works here."

Actually, this is a pretty easy one to answer, as long as one is willing to adopt a certain outlook on life.

It works like this: All humans are weak. All have sinned and will continue to sin. Left to our own devices we will eventually make weak choices that will destroy us. It is only through the intervention of a higher power that we have any hope of overcoming our inherent weakness. It is only the righteous who will make the correct choice and choose to accept that help. They will be saved.

And anyone who encourages people to believe that they can make it without said intervention, as well as those who say that weaknesses like homosexuality are acceptable, are nothing more than agents of destruction who are working, willfully or not, towards the drowning of all mankind in a sea of wickedness. They, along with their victims, will be damned.

Now pardon me while I go take a shower.


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