Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A word of caution

First there was the distortion of Michelle Obama's comments to make it sound like she was attacking Hillary Clinton.

Now we have distortions of Hillary Clinton's comments to make it sound like she is endorsing the surge.

I think it behooves us all to remember that the media loves to hear certain types of stories and will sometimes go out of their way to distort facts in order to write those stories. Some reporters would love nothing more than a catfight between Hillary and Michelle. So they are on the lookout for anything that might even suggest it. Some reporters would also love to report "leading Democrats support Surge". So they will distort any positive comment a Democrat makes about Iraq into being said full-throated surge.

There are going to be localized moments of positive movement in Iraq. These will happen eve if nothing is changed in our actions. Acknowledging that should be allowed without it being distorted into an endorsement of Bush's Iraq strategy. But the media won't allow that.

So we have to be aware of this dynamic and respond appropriately. And that includes NOT jumping on these stories as if they were true without first double-checking.


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