Monday, August 20, 2007

Grilling Smith

I've been thinking about the idea of using the impeachment of Gonzalez as a hammer against Smith. Force him into the difficult position of having to defend Gonzalez. Imagine the scenario:

Q: Senator Smith, do you believe that Alberto Gonzalez can continue to function effectively as Attorney General?

A: (Hedging noise, but maybe, if pressed, an eventual acknowledgment that Gonzo is damaged goods)

Q: If you have lost faith in the Attorney General, would you call on the President to have Gonzalez step down?

A: (More hedging and twisting, followed by a grudging agreement)

Q: But what if the President refuses to remove the AG? Would you support congressional efforts to have him removed from power? Including impeachment?

A: (gasp. wheeze.)

Would be entertaining to watch


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