Sunday, September 24, 2006

Making Torture Real (How Brave Are You?)

We've all read the descriptions of the kind of torture the Bushies want to make official United States policy. Forcing people into uncomfortable positions for hours at a time. Making them stand in cold rooms, doused by cold water, for 50+ hours at a time. Strapping them to boards, wrapping them in celophane and then dumping water on their faces to induce the feeling of drowning.

Descriptions of these practices don't seem to be persuasive. So maybe we need to go beyond descriptions. Imagine how popular these practices would be if Americans had to actually see what they looked like.

Imagine a 60 second commercial in which we see various people subjected to these tortures, all while the sound of "America The Beautiful" played in the background. Such a commercial would have to be as real as possible. No fakery. No makeup. No digital processing. Just raw video footage of the actual torture as it actually happens.

So where do we get such footage? We would have to film it ourselves. Which means we would have to get people who would volunteer to subject themselves to this kind of treatment. How many of us would volunteer to do this? Do you believe strongly enough in the evil of these practices that would be willing to subject yourselves to them?

I find myself hesitating to volunteer to do this. Even though I believe it would be the right thing to do. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on this.

BTW, I know the networks would never allow such commercials to be broadcat. But that would be just fine. Because the publicity of refusing to broadcast them would just drive more people to view the footage online.


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