Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The table is ours Donna

Donna Brazille (courtesy DailyKos):

Like most Democratic insiders, I have a love-hate relationship with bloggers and the "net-roots" community. At times, I am irritated by many of their strident, arrogant, self-righteous comments and their disapproving attitudes about us old dinosaurs. But after they helped score an impressive primary victory this summer in the Connecticut Senate Democratic primary between incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman and unknown businessman Ned Lamont, they clearly have earned a seat at the table -- even if it's just a folding chair.

It is amazing that, even in her graciousness, Ms. Brazille demonstrates the very insider arrogance that so frustrates us all. Ms. Brazille thinks that it is up to them to "open the door" and invite us to "sit at the table", albeit only on a rickety old "folding chair". What Brazille and others fail to understand is that the table to which she is inviting us has always and will always be ours. All we are doing is claiming back what belonged to us in the first place.

Your welcome to our table Donna. You have earned it for the same reason we all have. Just don't think that you have any inherent claim on the big chair at the head.


Blogger Lurch said...

Actually, she isn't welcome at the table.

How many elections has she won?

Four? Three? Two?


I think we're entitled to have winnders at our table, don't you agree?

3:33 AM  

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