Friday, August 11, 2006

DNC responds to the HitlerDean story

The DNC responds to the HitlerDean story.

A spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee has now slammed the Republican National Committee for posting on its web site a photo of Howard Dean that appeared to have been Photoshopped to make it look as if Dean were sporting a Hitler moustache.

"If it's true," DNC spokesperson Karen Finney tells us, "it's really disgraceful."


Blogger campester said...

they're handling this the wrong way. they should have lined up in front of the tv news cameras and had a good laugh about it, thus illuminating how truly and deeply pathetic it is.

the fact that they are taking it so seriously gives it - and the cheeto-stained, diaper-wearing cretins who came up with it - far, far more weight than it deserves.

9:50 PM  

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