Friday, August 11, 2006

National Dems Very Happy With Lamont (CORRECTION)


Slap me for not reading closely enough. This was a poll of National Dems, not Connecticut Dems. Argh!

Still, this is very good news. The GOP's tactic of scaring Dems by telling them that everything they do will hurt them appears to be losing its effectiveness.

Gleen Greenwald has some good comments on this poll here.


New polly goodness:

It found that nearly four out of five Democrats (79%) were happy the former Democratic vice presidential nominee was knocked off by Lamont, a wealthy cable television executive whose campaign focused almost exclusively on his opposition to the war – and Lieberman’s support of it. Just 12% said they were not pleased with the results of the primary, which riveted political junkies across the nation. Another 10% of Democrats said they were not sure what to think.

Lamont won the primary 52-48. 79% of Democrats like the result. Which means that 25 of Lieberman's 48% share, more than half, are happy with their vote going to the loser.

Sounds strange? Not really if you consider that a large portion of Lieberman's support may have simply been a vote for "the devil you know". You also have to factor in this years overwhelming desire by Democrats to be united. Even if your personal choice for who the candidate should be lost you still want your party's candidate to win.

What it really shows is that Lieberman's support in Connecticut was even weaker then Tuesday's results demonstrated and it bodes well for Lamont in the general.


Blogger Mickeleh said...

Let's hope that the Democrats with name recognition and invitations to appear on TV also read this poll. I'm hoping (but still waitin for) a unified denunciation of the failed policies of the Cheney-Bush administration WRT comabting terror.

1:26 PM  

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