Friday, August 11, 2006

Lieberman's Independent Bid In Trouble Already?

Could this be the final irony?

This Courant report comes via LamontBlog:

Shirley Surgeon, Hartford's Democratic registrar of voters, said she is verifying 59 pages of signatures delivered to that city's town clerk last week.

Although each petition contains room for 30 signatures, Surgeon said the majority of those she received contain about half that, and several have been disqualified.

"Out of 15 on this first page, nine were good," Surgeon said.

In Norwalk, Town Clerk Andrew Garfunkel said he received one petition page Wednesday.

Norwalk Democratic Registrar Betty Bondi said if the rest of Lieberman's petitions are as "sloppy" as that one piece of paper, his chances to make it onto the ballot do not look good.

Ever since Lieberman announced his intentions to gather petition signatures for an independent run a thought has been nagging at the back of my mind: What if he fails to qualify? I never really thought the possibility was serious. But considering how incompetent the rest of his campaign has been why should we be surprised if "Lieberman for Connecticut" dies aborning?


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