Friday, September 22, 2006

Water beats Rock

I'd like to second Kos on this point:

I'll be shocked if we wake up on election day controlling either chamber of Congress. If we do, it'll be because enough candidates decide to give those DC consultants and staffers the middle finger and run the race they know they need to run to win.

The leadership of the party has a remarkable track record of losing when all the indicators are that they should win. Despite the elevation of Dean and other real fighters, and an increasing willingness to listen to outside-the-beltway voices, my faith in the leadership's abilities remains weak.

But I still urge everyone to vote Democrat. Why? Because it is the only option available to We The People that at least has the possibility of reversing the disastrous course this country is set on. There are plenty of good Democrats out there who represent well and, given a majority in either house, will produce good results. Returning accountability to government is a primary concern of mine and Democrats are the only (albeit fragile) possibility of its realization.

My skepticism about the leadership will remain even if we manage to win one or both houses. I won't be the least bit surprised if, given access to the levers of power, that same leadership finds ways to avoid using that power effectively.

We The People must be like water on a rock. A splash won't damage it. But a river will ALWAYS win in the end. On that proposition I have complete faith.


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