Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Classy: Lieberman Support Blog Equates Lamont with bin Laden (UPDATED)

Joe Lieberman's web site is back and this time it has a blog.

It also has a blog roll.

The top entry on that blog roll is "No To Ned" (certainly no negativity there).

One of the "No To Ned" blog posts today contains the following:

(Hat tip to Tom Tomorrow)

Just to be clear on this: "No To Ned" is the top blog on Lieberman's blog roll. It even comes before The Bullmoose.


"No To Ned" is no longer on the Lieberman blog roll.

Emboldened has a complete run down of all the blogs on Joe's blogroll. "No to Ned" was just the start of the problem.


Blogger BillG said...

Lieberman definitions:
bi-partisanship - accepting money from anyone for exchange for favors
partisanship - investigating corruption and investigation

5:01 PM  

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