Wednesday, January 28, 2004

We didn't start this fight but we better damn well finish it

Ezra Klein has some interesting thoughts on the candidates, many of which I agree with. I even understand his position on Dean. But I to take exception with one comment (emphasis mine):

As for Dean, I have trouble with him as president too. I know he was a great governor in Vermont and his decision making skills are terrific. Nonetheless, I know Dean the warrior and not Dean the executive and it's hard for me to trust that a new man will spring forth from Howard's internal well. I don't want our leader to be at war with a certain portion of America, I want him to bring everyone under the same tent.  With Dean, I just have trouble seeing it.

I'm sorry but it is just naive in the extreme to think that any of the Democrats currently running will not face a "war with a portion of America." Why? Because that portion of America will declare war on whoever the nominee is (or, at least, their stand-ins in the media and the Republican leadership will do so)..

At least with Dean we get a Democrat who understands this and won't be surprised when it happens. John Kerry just strikes me as yet another in a long line of Democrats who will hold out an olive branch to the Republicans only to be surprised when they shove it up his ass.


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