Monday, January 26, 2004

Talking Points

Dean vs. Kerry on Foreign Policy

"Foreign policy experience depends on patience and judgment," Dean said. "I question Senator Kerry's judgment."

Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter responded, "Howard Dean wouldn't know good judgment on foreign policy if he fell over it."

"Remember, this is the same man who has said that the nation was not safer with the capture of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites), said we shouldn't take sides in the Middle East, and that Osama bin Laden (news - web sites) should get a jury trial," she said.

1) We aren't safer after Saddam's capture and a large majority of Americans agree with that point of view (78% in one CBS poll).

2) Jimmy Carter very publicly came out and said that Dean's stance on the Middle-East ("not taking sides") was correct.

3) If Hermann Goering deserved a fair trial than so does Osama bin Laden. That's part of what America stands for.


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