Friday, January 23, 2004

More Teflon Evidence?

Check out this AP story from Ron Fournier ("Dean getting second look from N.H. voters"). In it we have the reports of five of those voters:

Ed Hennessy, who deserted Dean last week (apparently even before Iowa) but who now says:

"[...] I'm back in his camp. It was just a slip of the tongue [a reference to the Dean Scream moment -- Chris], and nobody's perfect," Hennessy said. "I've got to give him credit for speaking from his heart."

Larry O'Sullivan, who said that Dean had not been on his short list even before Iowa but who now says:

"[...] here I am because of the impression he gave in the debate, despite the fact that he looked like a yahoo a couple days before in Iowa. I think he made up for it,"

Kim Lindley-Soucy was not a supporter, certainly after Iowa, but now says:

"He comes across as honest, even when it hurts,"

Patricia Fields, who thought Dean was "a bit wild" but that the media made too much out of the Iowa speech and now says:

"I think he was too tame to tell you the truth. I hope he doesn't back down,"

Gloria Kelley, who still has her doubts but also says:

"I think I'll give him a second look, if the media doesn't mind."

Now it is possible that Fournier is cherry-picking quotes and that there might still be plenty of New Hampsherites who have been permanently turned off from Dean. But if these reports are indication then Dean may just have some teflon left.


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