Monday, January 26, 2004

The Zen of Dean

Wolf Blitzer has an interview with Howard and Judy Dean scheduled for broadcast later this evening. This morning, as I was heading out to work, Blitzer showed a couple of clips from it. Wolf, of course, asked Dean about The Scream. Dean was nonchalant about it, saying that he has come to understand that the news media is in the entertainment business as much as the news business. Blitzer seemed shocked at this comment and Dean continued by saying something about the story being manufactured for entertainment purposes. Wolf replied, "We didn't scream, you did". To which Dean replied, "I did it, but you chose to run it 647 times in one week. But that's okay, if I'm going to be president I have to take what the media dishes out. I can take it." (quotes may not be exact since this is all coming from memory).

Dean once again points out an uncomfortable truth: the news media is in the entertainment business. If what they put out wasn't entertaining (i.e., didn't bring in the eyeballs) they wouldn't keep their jobs and those who can entertain the best are those who advance in the business. It's not surprising that Blitzer would be upset at a comment like this, but it's not clear if he is upset because he thinks it isn't true or because he doesn't want someone pointing out such an obvious truth. It's probably a combination of both.

The quotes above really don't do the clip justice because Dean delivered them in a very calm manner, not defensive or attacking in the least. Just a simple statement of fact. He was almost zen-like. I think he is at peace with whatever happens next.


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