Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Tempest in a teapot

I've come to the conclusion that most of the heated rhetoric about Howard Dean is actually coming from a fairly small, but vocal, minority within the Democratic ranks. Most of it is coming either form his opponents or people who have already declared their support for those opponents. I have seen little evidence that Dean is as divisive within the remainder of the Democratic establishment or the rank-n-file as some would like us to believe.

I made this point before and I think it needs to be re-iterated: just because that small group is making a lot of noise now does not mean that the Democratic party is in an uproar about the possibility of a Dean nomination. Dean's favorable to unfavorable ratios remain among the highest if not the highest in polls of all the early primary states and these are the opinions of people who have had the most exposure to Dean.

"Dean is divisive" may be just another media myth created and promulgated in order to make the race more exciting ("let's you and him fight") or divide Democrats against themselves ("good work Karl!")

The principal behind The Pledge remains: don't let our support for one candidate blind us to the disinformation designed to get us fighting amongst ourselves. Fight the disinformation. Fight the real enemy. Don't fight your friends just because they have come to a different conclusion than you have. We will all need each others support before this is over.


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