Monday, December 29, 2003

Don't get to worked up

Kos quotes this interesting column by Political scientist Thomas Schaller that points out that the vast majority of super-delegates (typically party officials who can decide on their own which candidate to support) tend to remain uncommitted until it is clear who is winning the primaries and caucuses. As I read this it occurred to me that it is important for Dean supporters not to blow the size of the opposition to Dean within the party out of proportion. No doubt there is such an opposition. But a large part of it is made up of people who have already committed themselves to one of the other candidates. And the size of that opposition is not necessarily reflected in its loudness.

If we were to treat all the leadership as being in the same anti-Dean camp we could easily drive them away from ever giving 100% of their support to Dean if and when he gets the nomination. That would be bad.

Just something to keep in mind.


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