Friday, December 26, 2003

Google News Democratic Primary Poll for 12/26/2003

  This Week (12/26) Last Week (12/19)
1 Howard Dean 8980 25.5% +0.4 1 9490 24.2%
2 John Kerry 4960 14.1% +0.1 2 6110 15.6%
3 Wesley Clark 4920 14.0% +0.3 3 5150 13.1%
5 Joe Lieberman 4280 12.2% -0.5 4 4670 11.9%
5 Dick Gephardt 3780 10.8% +0.7 6 3990 10.2%
6 John Edwards 3570 10.2% -1.0 5 4180 10.6%
7 Al Sharpton 1910 5.4% +0.0 7 2220 5.7%
8 Dennis Kucinich 1760 5.0% -0.2 8 2260 5.8%
9 Carol Moseley Braun 996 2.8% +0.1 9 1180 3.0%

Dean settles in at +25% while the remainder of the next tier candidates continue to jostle for position several lengths back. I find it hard to get excited talking about who might come in 2nd in this race. Who really cares?

The following is a chart of the Google News Media Share over the last few months:

(Methodology: All numbers are taken from the hit counts when searching on the Google News Service for news stories containing each candidate's name. Click on each name to rerun the search. You will get different results as the numbers are constantly changing. I make absolutely no claim that these numbers have any real meaning.)


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