Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Time to change tactics

This message is directed at all the Stop-Dean forces.

Guys, it's time to face facts. The "electability" argument isn't working!

The more you bring this up the more his poll numbers go up. I think it is about time for you to realize that electability is an argument that plays well only within a small circle of political junkies. It is a turn-off for the general electorate.

The argument doesn't help you because you only make your candidates look weaker. The average voter, looking at the standings in the polls today, has got to be asking themselves why, if Dean is so "unelectable", all the other Dems are losing to him?

Furthermore, the continued pushing of this argument just cements in people's mind the "inevitability" of Bush's re-election. If and when Dean gets the nomination a lot of people will have had their first exposure to him be a bunch of nay-sayers in his own party asserting that his case is hopeless. So why even bother?

Your case is not helped by repeatedly making this argument. If you want to believe that Dean's chances are hopeless than you have that right. But loudly asserting it is a defeatist position in so many ways and does nothing but hurt our ultimate chances against Bush

However, if you want to make the argument that your candidate is "more electable" than Dean than please do. That is an argument we can have without hurting our chances in the fall. It's even an argument that you might win.

But you are not winning and will not win the argument that Dean has no chance of winning. If you continue to make it than you will lose, whether in the Winter and Spring against Dean or in the Summer and Fall against Bush.


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