Sunday, December 28, 2003

Dean said something today

Received the following today on one of the Dean mailing lists I subscribe to:


The press announced today that Howard Dean said something again!

Republicans as well as some presidential Democratic hopefuls are equally outraged and appalled that Dean would actually say something again. This after he just said something again yesterday!

"Doesn't he know that he's only hurting himself every time he says something again?" Said one Republican Congressman. "By saying something again, Howard Dean has shown that he is unelectable", said several political pundits on cable news.

Clark, Gephardt, Kerry and Lieberman all agreed that Howard Dean should stop attacking the other Democratic candidates by saying something again.

When asked to elaborate, Clark referred all inquiries to his aid Mary. Kerry however responded immediately and said that now that Howard Dean has said something again, he was going to say something too. Lieberman was quoted as saying "Dean is in a spiderhole of denial if he thinks that he can get away with saying something again." When Gephardt was questioned directly, he said "I have boots on the ground in Iowa just in case Dean decides to say something again tomorrow."

Trolls on Howard Dean's web site are calling Howard Dean a liar and lacking in leadership for saying something again.

However, Howard Dean's popularity continues to rise at a quickening pace and so does the contributions to his campaign. Once again, Howard Dean is not hurt by saying something again!


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