Friday, December 05, 2003

Sea Change, Part II

Kos's latest post is in line with my previous comments about a sea change in opinion about Dean:

Having talked to several "establishment" types this week, it was startling to see how the conversation had moved on from who the nominee would be, and the possible repercussions of a Dean victory, to ways they could tap into Dean's money and supporters. The $60K (or whatever) for Rep. Boswell was key. It was then they realized that Dean would share the spoils, and nothing talks like money in DC. None of the other candidates can compete.

(Little known secret -- just about every Democratic candidate is trying to find graceful ways to crash the next Dean Meetup seeking support.)

And the best path towards that money and the avid support of the Dean army? Simple. Line up behind Dean. Praise the man. Praise his innovative campaign. And, most important of all, praise his supporters.

The establishment wants as much of that Dean magic as they can capture.

Hmmm. We have the power?

(BTW, any Democratic candidates who want to come to the meetup I host is more than welcome. I can guarantee that they will be greeted with open arms.)


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