Friday, December 05, 2003


I've been thinking about the anger issue.

Does anyone besides me think that the media meme about Dean's "anger" could eventually prove to be a benefit to the campaign? Think of 2000 and the meme that said that Bush was stupid. Lots of people heard this. Then they tuned into the debates, saw that Bush didn't drool, and many of them concluded that the whole negative spin on Bush was wrong.

If the media keeps pushing the idea that Dean is "angry" many disinterested voters will be surprised the first time they see Dean (probably in the debates) and he isn't the fire-breather he was made out to be (especially if he can repeat his laidback Hardball performance).

The expectations game worked for Bush in 2000. It could be a secret weapon for Dean in 2004 (along with many other secret weapons).


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