Friday, December 05, 2003

Letter from an Army vet

If this letter from an Army vet is any indication, Bush's alleged solid base within the military is in serious danger of cracking.

The writer talks about a recent visit he made to a VA hospital. He was in the waiting area with about 100+ other veterans when a feed of Bush's appearance before the soldiers at Fort Carlson, Colo. came on. The volume was turned up and everyone listened respectfully, at first.

Then it started. First, a veteran around 50 years old in my area said, "I can't believe he has the guts to wear that uniform!" Others around the room started making remarks like, "Count the lies!" and "Didn't he learn anything on that aircraft carrier?" I'll clean up the language, but not long into Shrub's obvious photo op there were so many men and a few women veterans either yelling at each other or at the TV that staff members came in thinking someone had a serious health issue, or that perhaps an unstable patient had gone into a rage.

It gets better.


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