Friday, October 17, 2003

Polling the future

Kos posts some interesting polling numbers for the first three states (Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina). There are two things I take from these numbers:

  1. Lieberman just isn't very popular. Not only does he poll low, he has the highest unfavorable numbers in all three states. Combine that with his plummeting national numbers and his dismal fundraising and it is clear that the more people see of Lieberman the less they want him to be President. I really think it is time for Joe to call it quits. The only reason I can see for him staying in is if he wants to be a constituent candidate like Sharpton or Kucinich (candidates who are in the race more to get a place at the table for the people they represent than because they have any realistic expectation of actually winning).
  2. Clark's much vaunted strength in the South isn't bowling them over in South Carolina. He polls just slightly ahead of Dean (12 to 10) while his favorable/unfavorable numbers are tied with Dean. Clark's campaign is still new, so there is room for him to grow. But the same is true of Dean.



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