Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Whoredom thy name is Howie

Howard Kurtz comes to the defense of the helpless, namely Rush Limbaugh:

I would suggest that those who disagree: Sorkin, Lowe et al are apples to kumquats. If any of them went on the air in front of 20 million listeners and exorted a bunch of dittoheads on jailing drug addicts, this would be an appropriate response. But they haven't, ergo, you're just whitewashing.

Howard Kurtz: Or perhaps you're not inclined to criticize other drug addicts whose political views you agree with. Look, there's a straw man being set up here -- that somehow Limbaugh shouldn't be criticized for this. He can, he should and he is. I just think people who can't stand the guy ought to be careful about their tone toward a guy who stupidly got himself addicted to painkillers. (emphasis mine - Chris)

When was the last time Howie urged Rush "to be careful about [his] tone?"

What a f*cking hypocrite!

(Please note that I have intentionally not gone after Rush for his drug addiction. But Kurtz's call for his critics to "watch their tone" is just another example of how the rules are applied differently to different individuals.)


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