Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Dean taking a cue from Schwarzenegger?

Read the following NY Times article about Dean ratcheting up his comments against his fellow rivals for the nomination and specifically against the Washington clique. Then read Ezra Klein's criticism of Dean for these attacks.

I think I understand Ezra's concern over Dean's recent attacks. I haven't always been comfortable with them myself. But I think the style of Dean's attacks are interesting when seen in light of the recent victory by Arnold Schwarzenegger in California. Dean's comments about scurrying cockroaches in DC sounds eerily similar to Arnold's comments about knocking heads in Sacramento.

It's possible that these kind of attacks might backfire, especially amongst supporters of the other candidates. It's also possible it may cripple Dean's ability to get things done if and when he becomes President (he will have to work closely with those same "cockroaches"). But if Dean and Trippi are correct that the mood of the country is definitely leaning towards an "outsider cleans up the insiders mess" attitude then these kind of attacks will become standard operating procedure from here on out.


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