Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Waking up

Teresa Nielsen Hayden has a message for Bush supporters who may be feeling a little uncomfortable right about now:

I’m not going to call you a sucker for voting for him. I’m telling you that he thinks you’re a sucker. That’s when he thinks about you at all, which isn’t often.

Teresa points out something else important: it really doesn't matter what Bush and his people are really thinking about. The fundamental problem with them is that they don't give a crap about us.

George W. Bush has achieved a worldwide reputation for not keeping his word. I’m constantly amazed by all you fellow-citizens who think you know what Georgie and his cronies believe. You have no idea. Neither do I. George and the Bushmen don’t talk to us little people unless they want us to do something right then. George absolutely doesn’t feel himself obliged to keep the promises he makes, or tell us the truth about what’s going on. Personally, I resent that.

Some people are starting to wake up to this. Even some in the media, who have long been fooled by Bush's routine into believing that the guy really is a compassionate conservative, he just has to do some outrageous things to appease his right-wing base now and then.

When enough people wake up, the uproar about this illegitimate fraud will make Nixon's place in American history seem like that of a saint.


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